The T.P.A. S.r.l firm has been specialized in the production of carpentry industry objects and it ensures their quality and cheapness satisfaction and their time delivery.

Our working job is synergetic in all its phases and it depends on costumers’ specific requirements. Furthermore it develops any costumers’ projects with the aid of 2D-3D CAD tools.

The firm covers an area of 4000 mq. We have specialized and qualified workers and in case of necessity we can increase our working force.


The firm has to invest a great amount of money in the technological field because of a great request of the industrial sector services. These investments guarantee an instant answer that is better on a quality level than in the past. We have also the possibility to develop a product using Autocad and other CAD 3D.

If it is necessary, we can provide further explanation and we hope we are able to demonstrate  concretely our competences.